Live in Lambertville

Upcoming Events

10/6 — Tierney’s Tavern

10/8 — Hot Soup at the Irish Exit


7/31/13 — WOW Comedy Night at The Shannon — Hoboken , NJ

7/26/13 — Cape May Comedy Festival

6/14/13 – Live in Lambertville

6/4/13 – Maria’s Music Box Comedy Show — Jersey City, NJ

5/29/13 -Hot Soup at Ella Lounge — NYC

4/27/13 — Metropolitan Room — NYC

4/11/13 — Greenwich Village Comedy Club — NYC

4/2/13 – Gotham Comedy Club — NYC

2/12/13 – Polygon Comedy — Philly

14 thoughts on “Events

  1. You should try making it to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada! There is a nice little place called Rick Bronson’s Comic Strip in the West Edmonton Mall (biggest mall in North America – last I checked) :) Could make it a family trip? I’m sure the permanent roommate would love it, I mean what woman doesn’t love a big mall? ;) and there are lots of family activities!

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