My blog about parenting...sort of.
My blog about parenting…sort of.

11 thoughts on “MWAB

  1. Found your post-its from a fb post and have spent the last two hours laughing my ass off. Thanks for the pick me up.

  2. I’m not even really sure how i stumbled upon you but it has been the best 20 mins of my night so far!!! Pay no attention to the people telling you that 3 is worse than 2, what you really need to look forward to is your daughter turning 12 looking like shes 16 and dealing with the terrible TEENS!!!!!!

  3. Not sure how I came across you either. :) I think it was on tumbler first! Your stuff always makes me laugh, mainly cause I’ve been through all of that, and it’s so true! The best stuff is the true stuff! Keep it up!

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