Former Wall Streeter Feeds Homeless With Redeemable Post-It Notes

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In 2013, Mason Wartman left a successful career on Wall Street to open Rosa’s Fresh Pizza in Philadelphia. Inspired by the kindness of one customer, Wartman instituted a system that allows customers to buy a $1 slice for a homeless person in need of a meal.

Over the last year, Wartman has given away an estimated 14,000 slices to the homeless in Philly.

The system is simple — a customer buys a slice at Rosa’s Fresh Pizza for themselves and another future slice for a homeless person. The customer writes down an inspiring Post-It note message on the wall that a homeless person can redeem for a free slice.

It’s just about people helping people, with food and inspiration, one slice of pizza and note at a time.

Rosa’s Fresh Pizza Feeds Poor One Note At A Time

via NationSwell

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