An Amateur Attempt At The Golden Age Of Comics Look

Last night, in deep into a Netflix marathon of Twilight Zone, I started to get nostalgic about things of my youth.

Now, I’m barely 40, don’t let the choice of TV show fool you. But members of my family are/were much older (my closest cousin has 8 years on me, the next has almost 20, and my uncle was old enough to be my grandfather) so I enjoy stuff from the 50s and 60s a little more than most men my age.

While I didn’t grow up during the Golden Age of comic books, many of the titles I read as a kid were penned and inked by guys who did, so the influences are obvious in the work.

TL:DR — While watching an old TV show, and thinking about old things, I sketched this headshot of the Green Lantern.

Golden Age Green Lantern Drawing

Check out more of my drawings here.

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