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Return of the WWE Jobber

The Role Of The WWE Jobber Has Returned -- And That's a Good Thing

Braun Strowman lumbered down the entrance ramp on a recent episode of Raw. The 6’8 wrestler’s hulking frame partially blocked the Jumbotron brandishing his name. Visualize a Sons of Anarchy extra with an “even badder side.” His opponent Chase Silver – with an unshaven face similar to Christian Bale but the physique of a melted action figure – never took his eyes off his stalker during a pre-match interview.

The small talk with announcer Byron Saxton lasted almost as long as the match. Strowman, dubbed “The Monster Among Men,” made short work of his adversary, another decimation in the recent string of squash matches designed to establish the former Wyatt Family muscle as an immovable object to a babyface force to be named later.

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