Chris Illuminati is an author, podcast host, runner, and father.

OK, enough third-person stuff.

I’m the author of five books and my writing has appeared on a variety of sources and in front of millions of eyeballs, including, Rolling Stone, The Manual, Fatherly, AskMen, Men’s Health, Cosmo, and Maxim.

I’m the creator of the parenting website Message With a Bottle, where I write jokes about my parenting and life on Post-It Notes. The website welcomes close to a million readers each year and my parenting notes were turned into yearly calendars, a line of Post-It Notes made by 3M, and somehow ended up a segment of Good Morning America without me.

I previously host two podcasts – Not About Wrestling and We Run This. On Not About Wrestling, I interviewed professional wrestlers about their lives away from the business. On We Run This, I spoke to runners, athletes, nutritionists, trainers, and weekend warriors about life in-and-out of competition.

And that’s about it.

Wait, one more thing…

Yes, it’s my real last name.



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