CJ Albertson Talks 50K Record, Peloton Running, And The Trait Every Runner Needs – “We Run This” #36

by Chris Illuminati
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Welcome back to another episode of We Run This. My guest this week is CJ Albertson.

CJ loves to just wake up and give himself wild challenges. In the middle of the pandemic last year, with all races shut down, Albertson decided to try and break the 50K world record. It took 125 laps in soaking-wet shoes, but he set the record in his first official attempt.

About a week later, CJ ran a 2:09 marathon on the treadmill – also a world record.

This makes complete sense for a guy who openly admits that “running is easy.”

His most recent attempt at getting into the record books – though actually an unofficial record – was to get to the top of the leaderboard of as many Peloton class leaderboards as possible in a month.

On February 24, CJ logged his final class and an insane 57th first-place ranking on a leaderboard for the month. In total, CJ logged 340.59 miles on the treadmill in the month.

In this episode, CJ discusses his world record attempts – both on the track and the treadmill – and his ability to just wake up and set his mind to breaking records.


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