Workouts I (Kinda) Hate: Core Routine

In early October 2021, I started training in Muay Thai and boxing. I was hooked in the first 20 minutes of class.

Over the last three months of training, I’ve learned two important things about my body:

  1. My core is for shit.
  2. My flexibility is also the drizzling shits.

Honestly, I knew these two points to be true long before training. I’ve been working out for the last twenty years and have done “ab exercises” but never really attempted true core work.

I’d bang out some crunches and random ab exercises at the end of a workout and think “eh, that’s good enough.”

I know abs are made in the kitchen, and the kitchen is where I keep all my favorite snacks, so I’ll never have a true six-pack. I can live with my stomach just being flat(ish).


As far as flexibility and stretching, touching my toes was never at the top of my “things I need to not suck at” list. I’d perform a few “oh look at me, I’m stretching” moves before a run but would stop the second the stretch felt even slightly uncomfortable.

In order to get better at Muay Thai, I’m putting in more flexibility and core work specifically for Muay Thai.

I stretch out my legs, hips, and lower back every morning. I’m doing more core work at the gym (and at home) and took this photo in the middle of a core workout because I look miserable and that’s funny to me.

If you’re interested in strengthening your mid-section, for whatever reason, here’s a quick rundown of my core routine along with short YouTube videos about each.


  • Planks
  • Dead bug
  • Side Planks
  • Boat pose
  • Superman
  • Side Mountain Climbers

I do four sets and each exercise for 30-45 seconds.

You can look up the proper way to do any of these on YouTube.

Good luck. If you need me, I’ll be face-up on the gym floor.


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