Jamaal Sanderson On Exercise, Escape, And Dirty Playlists – “We Run This” #37

by Chris Illuminati
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My guest on the show today is fitness trainer, father, and husband, Jamaal Sanderson.

Jamaal likes to call himself “Fit Mr. Mom,” in fact, that’s even his Instagram handle.

Jamaal’s fitness journey started as a track star. He admits to being “115 pounds, soaking wet,” which isn’t much meat for his 5’10” frame. Jamaal naturally gravitated towards running.

“A lot of sports weren’t on the table for me, but I was always able to run fast,” Jamaal explains. “I wanted to be a sprinter, but my track coach kept saying, ‘You’re not a sprinter. You’ll never be a sprinter. But you’ll do great in long-distance running. It was a humbling moment because he lined me up with all the sprinters, and it felt like I was running with rocks in my shoes. That’s how much faster these guys were.”

Jamaal thinks he still holds the record for the fastest mile in his high school at 4:15 but hasn’t checked in a while.

A fractured pelvic bone before college caused Jamaal to lose his scholarship, and he lost his spot on the team. Fast forward to his early 20s, and a chance tryout lead to three years playing semi-pro football.

Fate once again stepped in after Jamaal found himself taking a spin class – against his will – and he ended up falling in love with the instructor and spin.

In this episode, Jamaal discusses his kids fighting to take his class, transition from an athlete to a fitness “performer,” the reason he fell in love with spin, the importance of exercise and escape, and the filthy playlist the moms in his class blast alone in the car.


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