Lindsey Bomgren on mobility for runners, stretching, & working out to be a better human – ‘We Run This’ #39

by Chris Illuminati
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Our guest this week is certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor, and mom, Lindsey Bomgren.

Lindsey is the creator of the popular workout website and Instagram account – Nourish Move Love (@nourishmovelove).

Lindsey started Nourish Move Love back in 2015. Her original idea was to sell 20 minute home workout DVDs – back when people bought DVDs – but quickly realized the evolution of working out at home was moving online.

It didn’t take long for Lindsey to form a following online, and now close to 140K people follow her daily routines just on Instagram.

The idea behind Lindsey’s workout videos is simple and written in bold type on her website – She doesn’t create videos to give people six-pack abs or a nice butt. She films workout videos because she knows exercise makes people a better spouse, parent, friend, and human.

We wanted Lindsey as a guest because many of her videos focus on mobility and stretching, two areas many runners don’t pay enough attention to, especially before and after runs and on off days.

Lindsey talks about the importance of mobility, using a foam roller or ball, and taking a few extra minutes every day to focus on these areas.

She also preaches about strengthening and stretching the lower back, especially for women returning to running after having a baby.

Lindsey also discusses the time she ran a marathon through the hills of Haiti with only ten miles of training prior to the event, being comfortable with your body type, how home gyms are the new speakeasy, and giving up a lucrative career to chase her dream of being a fitness entrepreneur.

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