Naya Tapper Explains How To Stay Driven Even When You’re Mentally Exhausted – “We Run This” #13

by Chris Illuminati
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This week on We Run This, we’re joined by Naya Tapper.

After earning All-American track and field honors in high school, Naya started her rugby career at UNC Chapel Hill. As a professional, Naya is the All-Time leading try scorer for USA Women’s Eagles.

Naya’s infectious personality and honesty have made her the face of USA Women’s Rugby.

In this episode, Naya and Chris talk on her recovery day about her years as a high school runner, her transition from track star to rugby star, her approach to training and running even on the days she doesn’t want to get out of bed, and the public’s misconceptions about women’s rugby.

Also, I sing to her. So there’s that.

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