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Author Of ‘The Game’ Explains In New Book ‘The Truth’ How Being Able To Get Any Woman Almost Ruined His Life

Neil Strauss has a super power. He wasn’t born with it. He didn’t mutate or trip into an errant gamma ray. He honed it, crafted it and mastered the unearthly ability until it became second-nature. Strauss has the ability to fly in (figuratively) and sweep any woman off her feet.


Every Single Song In Your iTunes Library Can Be Traced Back To This Historic City

Flip through your iTunes library right now and choose your top ten favorite classic rock songs of all time. Your music library is full of the same iconic rock bands as the rest of civilization — from Zeppelin to Van Halen to the Beatles, Cream and Petty and his heartbreakers. Toss a few of your absolute favorites into a mini-mix for this coming weekend.