Shelby LeDuff On Mental Focus, Healthy Eating Alternatives + Spin For Runners – “We Run This” #38

by Chris Illuminati
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Shelby LeDuff We Run This

Our guest on the show this week is Shelby LeDuff.

A former Division I volleyball player, LeDuff tore her ACL, MCL, and meniscus three different times during college, and was forced to choose between pursuing her dream or still having the ability to walk at age 40.

“My entire life goal up to that point was to be a professional volleyball player and model. And then plan B had to happen,” recalls LeDuff.

She tried coaching volleyball for a bit but found that teaching the sport brought a sense of sadness for not being able to do the thing she loved.

“It’s really emotional when your entire life revolves around something and you have to almost mourn the loss of it. It’s very traumatic. You have this dream that’s shattered and your mind knows what you can do but physically you can’t get there anymore.”

After giving up coaching volleyball, and mourning the loss of her dream, the California native embarked on a career in personal and group fitness. After going through a bad breakup, Shelby gravitated towards spin and became an instructor.

“It’s like dancing on a bike and I knew my knees could take the low impact.”

Shelby’s now teaches spin and other fitness classes while serving up daily fitness, beauty, health & wellness tips on Instagram.

In this interview, Shelby talks about the transition from athlete to fitness instructor, how she mentally focuses on exercise even on her worst days, how to maintain a healthy eating lifestyle even when the options aren’t so great, finding healthy alternatives when eating, the reason she doesn’t believe in cheat days, and why runners need to add spin classes to their training.


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