Workouts I (Kinda) Hate: Suspension Trainers

Have you ever seen these yellow straps hanging around in your gym? No, they’re not a type of torture device or part of a 50 Shades of Gray workout fad. Well, maybe if you work hard enough, but they’re called suspension trainers.

People will also refer to them as TRX trainers because TRX brought suspension trainers to the world back in 2005 and the company dominates the market to this day. It’s kinda like how everyone calls it Jell-O when it’s really gelatin.


Here are a few reasons I like to mix in suspension training once a week. Suspension trainers improve core strength and stability – two areas I already admitted that I need help with – plus, I can do over fifty different exercises with the trainers.

I don’t, but I could.

Here’s a quick rundown of my suspension trainer workout:

– chest press
– rows
– reverse flys
– bicep curls
– tricep curls
– atomic pushups (feet in the straps)
– one-legged squats
– lunges

If you’re new to working out or stepping back into the gym after a long hiatus, you might want to build your way up to using the suspension trainers or ask a trainer to show you the proper technique.

suspension workout 1 TRX

Thinking about adding suspension training straps to your home gym? There are a bunch of different options to choose from on Amazon. I highly recommend picking up this handy Periodic Table of Suspension Exercises as well.



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