Why We Lie And How To Recover After Getting Caught In A Life-Altering Deception

by Chris Illuminati
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Tania Head was a Merrill Lynch employee in the World Trade Center office on September 11, 2001. After United Airlines Flight 175 hit the south tower at 9:03 AM, Tania and her colleagues raced to safety in the chaotic street below. She suffered multiple burns about her body but was thankful to be alive. Her attention rapidly turned to the whereabouts and safety of her fiancé, Dave. His office was located in the north tower.

Alicia Esteve Head watched the heartbreaking images of 9/11 on her TV in Barcelona along with the rest of the world. Born and raised in Spain, Alicia came from a wealthy family with business and personal ties to countless local politicians and royalty in her home country. A long time supporter of a country to which she’d never visited, Alicia mourned those lives lost in the attacks on the World Trade Center.

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