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by Chris Illuminati
Work With Me

Hey! Thanks for checking out this section of the website.

Here’s a little bit about me – I’m an accomplished content creator with over 18 years of experience in writing, editing, copywriting, marketing, and social media management.

My work displays a unique blend of creativity, attention to detail, and humor.

I’m the author of five books and contributed to several websites, including Rolling Stone, AskMen, BroBible, Fatherly, FHM, The Daily Dot, Men’s Health, and Maxim.

I’m currently a freelance writer, social media content strategist, and podcast host.

To see my professional resume, click here.


Here are just a few of the services I offer to clients.

Writing Services

Want to write a book? I’ve written 5. I can help.

Want to start a podcast? Perfect. I host two shows and would be happy to walk you through the process (It’s an easier process than it seems.)

Want to start freelance writing? I’ve been a freelance writer for 10 years. I’ll tell you the things you should do/not do when getting started.

Need assistance writing a speech? An email? Something else? I’m here to help.

Marketing & Social Media Services

I’ve worked for several different companies over the last fifteen years in marketing and social media.

I helped build successful social media accounts, brand documentation, wrote sponsored content, and helped develop social media management strategies and best practices.

Need help with social media management and marketing? Let’s get started with a game plan.

Running, Exercise & Life Coaching

Long before pursuing a writing career, I worked as a personal trainer and managed a gym.

The best part of the job was helping people reach their fitness goals. The worst part of the job was everything else.

Do you need help sticking to an exercise routine? Want to start a running routine? Just need a kick in the ass to get going? Let’s talk.

Want to hire me to write for your website or company? Let’s talk!

If you’re interested in discussing any – or all – of these services, drop me an email at and we’ll set up a phone or Zoom call to talk.

Let’s work together to make something amazing.


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