Chris Illuminati has written for AskMen, Details, Men’s Health, Cosmo, Nerve, The Good Men Project, Maxim and Penthouse and is the author of five books.

Some of his recent work includes the bizarre story of a high school friend who now works as a Zach Galifianakis impersonator on the streets of Las Vegas and the true story behind the characters in Dazed and Confused.

He’s currently a Senior Editor with Woven Digital. Check out Chris’s author page on BroBible for all his articles but here are a few of the most popular.


Every Single Song In Your iTunes Library Can Be Traced Back To This Historic City

How One Guy Turned Smashed iPhones Into A College Education

Why We Lie And How To Recover After Getting Caught In A Life-Altering Deception

Here Are The Things Only People With Adult ADHD Will Understand

I Went 30 Days Without Masturbating — Here’s My Story

A Handy Guide To How Far You Should Travel To Punch A Person

The Crazy But Real Life Stories of the Characters From Dazed and Confused

The 25th Anniversary of Die Hard: How John McClane Changed Action Movies (and Us) Forever

Why Benching A Baseball Player For Lack Of Hustle Is Absolutely Pointless

Here Are A Few Ways To Network That Won’t Make You Feel Like A Scumbag

Here Are Sneaky But Acceptable Ways To Get Someone To Say ‘Yes’ To Anything

Remember These Important Things The Next Time You Think Your Life Sucks

The Day I Watched A Man Get A Hand Job On A Crowded New York Street

A Stay-At-Home Dad’s Survival Guide

If Prince William Doesn’t Have to Wear a Wedding Ring, Why Should I?

The Most Influential Men of 2013

How To Survive a Job You Hate 

These Are 10 Perverted Behaviors Every Guy Must Stop Doing

Top 10: Scary Girlfriend Behaviors

The Argument Against Yoga

Top 10 Things He Doesn’t Want to Hear About Your Ex

Before You Were Born: The Real Jersey Shore

Leveling the Playing Field

Batters Up

Playing the Age Card


Jim Norton Discusses Being Offended, Hookers And The One Thing About College Kids He Just Doesn’t Understand

Author Of ‘The Game’ Explains In New Book ‘The Truth’ How Being Able To Get Any Woman Almost Ruined His Life

We Talked To A Student Living In A Hut That He Built In The Woods And His College Life Seems Way More Awesome Than Ours

Marc Maron Discusses the WTF Podcast and…Health Insurance?

Mick Foley is the only comic who wants to get heckled

Chris Jericho Talks Life on the Road, His Favorite Matches and Plays Battleship

I’ve also talked to Ashia Tyler, Craig Robinson, Whitney Cummings and countless other people for a website that sadly no longer exists and neither do the interviews.


The Miserable Nurse in the Happy-Faced Scrubs

You’re Not the First

Effeminate Lumberjacks and Stuffed Turtles

It Takes More Than a Shirt

From Slim Goodbody to the Fresh Beats

Here’s The Typical Day At An Indoor Mall Playground

Vacation Is All I’ve Never Wanted

How Do I Explain Our Home Security System To My 5-Year-Old?


Click here to read my fiction work.

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