Amazing Lance, The SEO Magician, Surprises A Make-A-Wish Child

Hello Patrick! Allow me to introduce myself. I am THE Amazing Lance.

I’m here today at St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital to make your time in our care a little easier. For you see, Patrick, I’m a magician! You circled magician as your fourth option on the Make-A-Wish wish list. For that, I’m forever grateful, and if you enjoy my performance a few kind words on Yelp! go a long way.

Now, as my stage name alludes to, I dabble in the art of illusions but as you can tell from my sensible business wear I’m obviously a magician of a different breed. I create illusions in a space where other fall short. Let the Penn and Tellers and David Blaines of the world work their trade in witchcraft and sorcery while I…THE Amazing Lance…work magic in the online world.