The Undertaker 1991

How 1991 WWE Survivor Series Changed Wrestling

The Undertaker won his first title and Shawn Michaels would start his reinvention.


The 1991 Survivor Series was an overall forgettable event.

Stacked top to bottom with a legion of WWE performers in the twilight of their career – guys like “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan, Sgt. Slaughter and Tito Santana – and characters even hardcore wrestling fans couldn’t pick out of a police lineup, the PPV is rarely mentioned or remembered as anything more than the standard WWE show for that period.

But while the Thanksgiving Eve affair – now 25 years old – isn’t considered a classic, it is arguably one of the most important shows in WWE history. Fans in attendance, and those watching on closed circuit TV, would bear witness to the commencement of two legendary careers.

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